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Friday File: Carnival’s Hit Seuss At Sea

At last count, Seuss at Sea was on 20 (and soon to be 22) of Carnival’s 24 ships, so it’s safe to assume the cruise line wouldn’t make that big an investment unless it knew what a hit it would be. And so it is, among the kids who participate and the parents who can drop them off. The concept, a part of Carnival’s Camp Ocean, is also part of the phenomenon that keeps Doc Seuss alive, almost a quarter-century after the death of the author who created it, Theodor Geisel. Seuss at Sea surfaced while we were on the Carnival Freedom last year. This will give you an idea what it’s like…

1-Thing 1&2

Thing 1 and Thing 2 wreaked havoc in the Seuss books but are under control at sea.


Dr. Seuss Bookville, a brightly colored room to inspire parents to read and kids to listen.


The well-known Seuss character Sam, I Am, who likes his eggs done a certain way.


You might say this is one cool place for the littlest passengers, Penguins, ages 2 to 5.

5-Green eggs

The Seuss at Sea Breakfast, once a cruise, includes the inevitable “green eggs and ham.”


The room with no name, just a place where kids can bounce off the walls and talk about it.


The Cat In The Hat, arguably the most famous Seuss character, with a book in his name.

In the news…

• Golden Princess, Costa Fortuna going to join Chinese fleet of cruise ships
• First Canadian port to use shore power for cruise ships now powering cargo ships
• Silversea moving its American office from Fort Lauderdale to Miami this year

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Celebrity Summit
7 nights
December 12, 2015
San Juan (return): Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas
Inside: $459
Cost per day: $65


A Disney Story Worth Assessing

Earlier this year, the story of a family forced to leave a Disney ship in the Bahamas was told in the Naples Daily News. It’s worth reading.

MickeyDisney told four of 31 family members they had to disembark in the Bahamas because their four-month-old baby, who had seen the ship’s doctor after “spitting up,” wasn’t supposed to be on the ship. Disney’s current policy is that children under six months are not allowed.

Our initial interpretation was that the family tried to pull a fast one. After reading the entire story, we changed our minds. It appears Disney dropped the ball, big time.

Click on the link to read the whole story and see what you think…then let us know:


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Norwegian Dawn
7 nights
May 1, 2015
Boston (return): King’s Wharf
Inside: $549
Cost per day: $78

Princess, Texans Cater To Kids

Before every football game, there’s a coin toss. Before every charitable activity in business, there may also be a “coin toss.” Heads, it’s good for the charity. Tails, it’s good for business.

For Princess Cruises, if there was such a coin toss it was…heads wins, and tails wins.

The football analogy is because last week Princess invited 20 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Houston onto a ship, the Emerald Princess, in conjunction with the Houston Texans of the National Football League. While the news release didn’t say so, it was probably just Chris Myers and friendsfor the day, long enough to give the kids a look at a cruise ship, fun enough for them to meet the Texans’ All-Pro center, Chris Myers…along with Toro the team mascot.

They watched football on the ship’s big-big screen, they toured the vessel and they made cupcakes for lunch with Myers. Who knew All-Pro centers made cupcakes?

That’s how the kids win. Chances are they never imagined being on a cruise ship. Chances are they never imagined meeting Chris Myers.

Princess by planting the cruise seed in impressionable young minds at what was called Jr. TrainingCamp@Sea, and by having people like us spread the word about their good corporate citizenship.

This time, there was an added bonus for the cruise line.

“It was my first time on a cruise ship as well,” said Myers, “so it was cool to get to experience it together. I always emphasize to kids that they can do anything they want to do in life as long as they work hard and make education a priority.”

Sounds like Princess found another winner, doesn’t it?

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Celebrity Millennium
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April 26, 2015
Shanghai, Cheju City, Kobe, Tokyo, Petropavlovsk, Vancouver
Inside: $899
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Escape For Smallest Of Passengers

EscapeOnce there was a time when nary a baby’s cry nor a dirty diaper would be found on a cruise ship. Children that young were neither seen nor heard because, frankly, when parents went on cruises it was to be an escape.

Ironically, the Escape not only embraces little ones, it markets them.

That’s the Norwegian Escape, the first ship in the Breakaway Plus Class that’s due to arrive in less than a year. Yesterday, some of the things that will make the ship special were unveiled. Among them — and a first for Norwegian — are childcare facilities for children from six months to three years.

That’s diaper time.

The nursery will include “an active area for play time and age-appropriate activities and a separate space for napping.” What it all adds up to is the growing philosophy in cruising of leaving no stone unturned. If there’s a way of convincing parents of babies — especially first-time parents, who often won’t leave a room without their new-born, never mind their home — to go on a cruise while on maternity leave, that’s a new market.

At one end of the Escape, so to speak, you have 60-plus Baby Boomers behaving much younger at Jimmy Buffett’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar

At the other end, you have…babies.

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Norwegian Sky
4 nights
January 12, 2015
Miami (return): Grand Bahama Island, Nassau, Great Stirrup Cay
Inside: $199
Cost per day: $49

Dr. Seuss and Friends Carnival Specialty

1-Camp Ocean-BookvilleBookville, the first thing you see upon entering Carnival's Camp Ocean. All the Seuss books are there but don't try to remove any…a friendly alarm lets you know!

2-Camp OceanSomewhere near that Hat, there's a Cat…and a place to cuddle up with a good book.

3-ParadeThat famous Cat In The Hat leads the parade down the promenade to the theater.

4-ShowThe stage is set for a show in which kids from the audience join the cast…

5-Show…which includes characters that need no introduction to anybody who knows Seuss!

6-ShowEven the two that have no names, other than "Thing"…the appropriate number.

7-BreakfastSunday breakfast for the Seuss crowd, on tables set for all who sign up.

9-BreakfastAnd the room is suitably decorated…guess who was in charge?

8-BreakfastOn the menu…Green Eggs and Ham…now that's a surprise!

10-CatThe maitre d' is everywhere there's a hint of Seuss-dom.

11-GrandparentsEven grandparents are allowed to act silly on this cruise ship!

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Carnival Glory
7 nights
October 11, 2014
Miami (return): CozumelBelizeRoatanCosta Maya
Inside: $359
Cost per day: $51

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