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If I could turn back time…

Crank up the Extreme and Roxette.
Back from the weekend Cambrian Presbytery youth event (and with a wicked
cold to boot), I’m back to the single-college-guy routine for the next two
weeks, since everyone else except the dog has gone to Ottawa. Indy is
suitably unimpressed.
Since restarting the “gotta-getta-degree” effort at the BCOU in the hopes
of emerging with a BBA, I’ve got two courses on the go right now —
Introduction to Marketing, and Analytical Decision-Making. Both are
interesting, and the decision-making course is all online, so I’m enjoying
that a little more – as much as you can on crappy dialup lines, that is.
On the lighter side, this weekend will feature (a) the XBOX marathon on
Saturday night, when we haul multiple TVs and xBoxes into the basement and
set up for some 12-player HALO head-to-head, and Sunday, when the paintball
markers will come out, and we’ll try and shoot each other in real life. And
then more schoolwork, of course. It can’t *all* be fun, can it?

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