Princess, Texans Cater To Kids

Before every football game, there’s a coin toss. Before every charitable activity in business, there may also be a “coin toss.” Heads, it’s good for the charity. Tails, it’s good for business.

For Princess Cruises, if there was such a coin toss it was…heads wins, and tails wins.

The football analogy is because last week Princess invited 20 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Houston onto a ship, the Emerald Princess, in conjunction with the Houston Texans of the National Football League. While the news release didn’t say so, it was probably just Chris Myers and friendsfor the day, long enough to give the kids a look at a cruise ship, fun enough for them to meet the Texans’ All-Pro center, Chris Myers…along with Toro the team mascot.

They watched football on the ship’s big-big screen, they toured the vessel and they made cupcakes for lunch with Myers. Who knew All-Pro centers made cupcakes?

That’s how the kids win. Chances are they never imagined being on a cruise ship. Chances are they never imagined meeting Chris Myers.

Princess by planting the cruise seed in impressionable young minds at what was called Jr. TrainingCamp@Sea, and by having people like us spread the word about their good corporate citizenship.

This time, there was an added bonus for the cruise line.

“It was my first time on a cruise ship as well,” said Myers, “so it was cool to get to experience it together. I always emphasize to kids that they can do anything they want to do in life as long as they work hard and make education a priority.”

Sounds like Princess found another winner, doesn’t it?

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