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Friday File: Carnival’s Hit Seuss At Sea

At last count, Seuss at Sea was on 20 (and soon to be 22) of Carnival’s 24 ships, so it’s safe to assume the cruise line wouldn’t make that big an investment unless it knew what a hit it would be. And so it is, among the kids who participate and the parents who can drop them off. The concept, a part of Carnival’s Camp Ocean, is also part of the phenomenon that keeps Doc Seuss alive, almost a quarter-century after the death of the author who created it, Theodor Geisel. Seuss at Sea surfaced while we were on the Carnival Freedom last year. This will give you an idea what it’s like…

1-Thing 1&2

Thing 1 and Thing 2 wreaked havoc in the Seuss books but are under control at sea.


Dr. Seuss Bookville, a brightly colored room to inspire parents to read and kids to listen.


The well-known Seuss character Sam, I Am, who likes his eggs done a certain way.


You might say this is one cool place for the littlest passengers, Penguins, ages 2 to 5.

5-Green eggs

The Seuss at Sea Breakfast, once a cruise, includes the inevitable “green eggs and ham.”


The room with no name, just a place where kids can bounce off the walls and talk about it.


The Cat In The Hat, arguably the most famous Seuss character, with a book in his name.

In the news…

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• First Canadian port to use shore power for cruise ships now powering cargo ships
• Silversea moving its American office from Fort Lauderdale to Miami this year

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Lessons All-round On Carnival Cruise

Even in this electronic age, books are valuable. Good books, that is. You read it, you pass it along, and somebody else reads it. The chain continues and with each passage of literature comes education…especially for kids, especially for kids who don’t have books.

Literacy is supported in many places. On Sunday, when the Carnival Valor returned to San Juan, it was lighter by 2,000 books. They’d been left behind in St. Croix by passengers, for the kids of the island.

This particular literacy project is the creation of an organization called Blue World Travel Agency. Every year, the agency promotes a one-week cruise called Festival At BoysandGirls-BVISea and passengers are asked to buy one book (at least) to donate to the designated “community service destination.”

This year, it was St. Croix. Every year, destinations are from the Caribbean, South Africa or Hawaii.

The Valor passengers booked by the agency bought more than 2,000 books. A group of children from the Boys and Girls Club of St. Croix accepted them on behalf of all the island’s kids. In each book the names, cities and states of each passenger was inscribed. That, too, was designed to educate the recipients.

School superintendent Gary Molloy explained it this way to Fiona Stokes, staff writer for the Virgin Island Daily News:

“This is certainly a great lesson in gratitude for our children to see that people that know nothing about them picked out these great books for them.”

Also a great lesson for the passengers, too, isn’t it?

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