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Richest Of The Rich In Cruising

In trying to give you a personal look at things that happen in cruising, we’re always on the prowl for interesting subjects, people, places, opinions, prices and just stories. Sometimes the stories are so good — either in writing or content, or both — that we think you should Gene Sloansimply be directed to them.

Today, we have one to share with you.

It’s from USA Today, where Gene Sloan is the cruise expert. He’s an intelligent and hard-working writer who stays on top of everything that’s happening in cruising. This one caught our eyes because it’s about the richest people in cruising, and the rich and famous are always interesting.

Rather than tell you what he has to say, we thought it best to send you right to the source:

Click here.

In the news…

• Norwegian's sending its next Breakaway Plus ship to China in 2017
• Star Cruises to quadruple deployment to Vietnam next year
• Four Carnival brands to have ships in Chinese waters within two years

Today at portsandbows.com: Norwegian, Princess ships with Chinese names

Celebrity Constellation
5 nights
December 7, 2015
Fort Lauderdale (return): Cozumel, Key West
Inside: $299
Cost per day: $59

Crui$e New$ That’s Cry$tal Clear

Somewhere between the end of the unbelievable third round of the British Open and watching our favorite baseball team lose yet another game yesterday, we got wind of a cruise news bulletin that is going to mean more to Brad Pitt, or Will and Kate, or Lebron James than it’s going to mean to the everyday avid cruiser.

Crystal Cruises is expanding in a way that will blow the lid off its part of the cruise world.

By adding three luxury ships, a river cruise line, the beginning of a yacht division and a private jetliner, Crystal is going to turn all-inclusivity into all-exclusivity. People like you (and us) won’t be going there until we win the lottery, and the last time we checked the Crystal Espritchances of that were 1 in 20 million or so.

If you buy a ticket.

Crystal has always been about luxury. Now it’s about super luxury. Or it will be when these new components start rolling off the assembly line between December and 2018. The 62-passenger Crystal Esprit yacht (left) will come first, complete with a two-person submarine and you can book now. The new ships are planned for 2017 and will be approximately twice the size of current luxury ships. 

The jetliner, reported to be at Boeing 787 Dreamliner, is also expected in 2017.

The name of the cruise line will be changing from what you are accustomed to hearing…to Crystal Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises, Crystal River Cruises and Crystal Air.

To give you an idea what the price points are, cruising on the new yacht will run you between $600 and $800 per person.

Per day.

What exactly is the Crystal market?

President and CEO Edie Rodriguez defined it like this for Gene Sloan at USA Today:

Our guest base is the top 2% of the world's wealthiest global consumers.”

So, about that lottery ticket…

Also in the news…

• Norwegian Star booked at Hong Kong port for January 2017
• Haimark Cruise Line approved to circumnavigate Cuba in February

Today at portsandbows.com: More on the Crystal announcement

Holland America Zaandam
7 nights
August 23, 2015
Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Anchorage
Inside: $499
Cost per day: $71

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