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Copenhagen: ‘Hassle Free’ Still Applies?

In view of what happened in Copenhagen this weekend, and the understandable security fears fueled by murder, you have to wonder what impact the events will have on the little bit of good news for cruisers going to Denmark.

This month, travel officials in the Danish capital announced it would now be possible for people to say good-bye to their luggage before disembarking from a cruise ship and not Copenhagensee it again until arriving at Copenhagen Airport. There is a fee for doing this, of course, and passengers have to be booked on outgoing flights to qualify.

“This offers ‘hassle-free’ travel for our cruise passengers, enhancing their cruise experience on arrival in Copenhagen,” says Claus Bodker, Cruise Copenhagen network director. “Though already operational in the U.S., I believe Copenhagen is Europe’s first airport to provide such a travel service of convenience.”

The decision followed trial runs with Princess, Holland America and Scandinavian Airlines.

Maybe the decision will stand. People pay. Trusted handlers pick up and deliver bags. Either cruise lines or airlines accept responsibility for baggage moving from the port to the airport. However, terrorism in a country now on “high alert” has a way of destroying even the best ideas, doesn’t it?

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St. Petersburg: On The Bucket List

’Tis the season to be connecting with friends and family, right? In the course of doing just that, we were chatting with Cousin Cathie, who lives in Houston and who likes to spend time on cruise ships.

She’s a big fan of Royal Caribbean and this year, she spent two weeks on one of the ships “of the Seas” (we think it was Serenade of the Seas), which she boarded in Copenhagen. After a trip up the coast of Norway, the ship stopped at St. Petersburg.

Having done her homework, Cousin Cathie picked this cruise because it was going to be in St. Pete for three days. Most cruises that stop there, she said, only stay for a day and a St. Petersburg-Hermitagehalf…two at the most. Her studies indicated she’d need three days to see what she wanted to see: the Hermitage (above), Catherine The Great’s Palace, Peter’s Harbor, and her agenda even included a river cruise.

Never having seen St. Petersburg, we were fascinated, especially after hearing of its people (she loved them), its sights and even its opulence. St. Petersburg has been called as the most western city in Russia and not just because of its geographical location.

So here is one more example of how another person’s experience in cruising can influence your interests in going somewhere. And when we do get to this Russian port, we’ll toast Cousin Cathie as our Catherine The Great.

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