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Cruise Coke Chip Full of Flavors

A favorite country singer of ours — and millions of others — is Tim McGraw. A few years ago, he recorded a song that was played often in our house and not many others, it would seem. The song is called Back When and one of the lyrics is:

"Back when…coke was a Coke…"

Fast forward to today. On three Royal Caribbean's cruise ships — Majesty, Freedom and Explorer of the Seas — a new soda concept involving Coca-Cola is being tested. Using medical micro-dosing technology and flavor cartridges, the Freestyle machines dispense 125 flavors of Coke.

A HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE flavors! Who knew?

The results from the machines so far have been staggering and Royal Caribbean can't get the innovative machines on the rest of their ships fast enough.  The way it works is, for $6.50 (adults) or $4.50 (kids) a day, you buy a cup in which a chip is imbedded in the cup to provide access to the machines.

To 125 flavors…and do you remember:

"Back when coke was a Coke…"

Caribbean Princess
7 nights
November 24, 2012
Fort Lauderdale (return): Princess Cays, Curacao, Aruba
Inside: $549
Cost per day: $78

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