The Security Tax News That Has Tentacles

There was much gnashing of teeth the other day about how airline passengers were going to have to pay an additional $2.50 for Transportation Security Administration fees, per leg…and just like the human body there's a maximum of two.

The increase jumps the per-leg tax to $5.60 or $11.20 for a round trip.

The airlines don't like it because as collectors they're the bad guys, and that's not good for a business that is already highly taxed. The passengers don't like it because, hey, who likes another tax?

The government does like it because, according to one estimate, it will put more than $730 million in the coffers, presumably instead of $365 million, which is half as much, the better to pay the always-escalating cost of making sure we don't have too many ounces of shampoo in our carry-ons. 

Yes, the TSA bill.

The cruise industry, meanwhile, has been silent.

Its passengers will have to pay more to get to the departure point if they're flying but the bigger issue is probably this: Given that the TSA can also be found between the ship and the shore for cruises, how long will it be until the security tax applies to cruise passengers?

Per leg.

Norwegian Epic
7 nights
January 11, 2014
Miami (return): St. MaartenSt. ThomasNassau
Balcony: $699
Cost per day: $99


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