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Who Cruises for 115 Days?

If you have been reading us for a while, you may or may not recall that the longest cruise we’ve been on was 19 days. You may even remember that we liked it, and felt a little melancholy at being separated from our home on the water, the Norwegian Sun.

In short, we didn’t think it was too long.

This week, we came across a news release from Holland America, promoting its Grand World Voyage in January 2013 (cruise lines like to give you lots of time to plan). The Amsterdam (above) leaves Fort Lauderdale on the sixth day of the New Year, docking at the same place 40 ports and 115 days later.

Think about that…115 days. That’s six times longer than our longest cruise. Six times!

Who goes on these cruises?

People who are between homes? Between spouses? Lonely? Trying to escape reality?

One thing they are is rich. Holland America’s cheapest state room, presumably an inside room, costs $20,000 for that little junket, and that’s only if there are two of you in it. That’s $174 a day. Each. It doesn’t include gratuities or taxes or insurance or getting to and from Fort Lauderdale.

Just for fun, we checked the cost of one of these around-the-world voyages on Cunard, the most regal and often most expensive of cruise lines. A 106-day cruise on the Queen Mary 2 (above) in January 2013 starts at $20,000, or $188 per day. Yes, each.

The Amsterdam has circled the globe eight times. In 2013, that number will be 10. Grand Voyage No. 9 is about eight weeks from now, from Fort Lauderdale, and the price is about the same for 112 days — $20,899. If you’d like an oceanview it’s $4,000 more. A balcony is $18,000 more.

There’s still space available…if you have 20 grand and think you can survive three months in an inside state room with somebody else.

By comparison, 19 days was a piece of cake.

Seabourn Sojourn
14 nights
December 5, 2011
Santiago to Buenos Aires
Oceanview $3,999

When Can a Cruise be Too Long?

A good friend of ours left home this week, to embark on his longest of seven cruises — 38 days. He was flying to Hong Kong, to board the Queen Mary 2 bound for Southampton and, eventually, New York. He has been on four Cunard cruises before, and has only one concern about this one — 38 days.

When is a cruise too long?

“A QM2 cruise we took in ’09, round-trip New York to the Mediterranean, was 23 days,” he says. “I thought that would be too long but when it was over we could have kept going.”

That’s precisely how we felt about what, to date, is our longest cruise — 19 days, to South America. We were a little nostalgic about leaving our “home on the sea” and it appears he feels the same way.

“One couple I know recently took a 31-day cruise  and another went for 33,” he adds. “Not that much different. Both said they enjoyed the whole thing. Hope we have the same result. Lots of stops to begin with but nine of the last 10 days will be on the water, including the Trans-Atlantic crossing to New York which might be the big test of putting time to good use.”

He promises to let us know if this long is too long. Check back to find out — in 38 days.

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