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Hawaii To Chase More Cruising

Such is the popularity of cruising that even Hawaii wants more of it. Called Paradise more than any other place on earth by first-time visitors (at least in our circles), Hawaii has always had one toe in the water when it comes to cruising, in part because it’s one of the United States…but that’s another story.

Hawaii is looking to hire a consultant to stimulate cruise business. With more ships heading to the Far East, Hawaii would surely appreciate having them stop off, say hello and leave behind some tourist dollars. The 50th state wants that person in place by October 1 before greener pastures like Cuba and China get an even bigger piece of the cruise pie.

Presently, Norwegian’s 2,100-passenger Pride of America cruises exclusively around the Hawaiian Islands, and it’s usually sold out. Un-Cruise Adventures does, too, with a 36-passenger yacht called Safari Explorer. Those ships are allowed — and this is the other story — because as U.S.-flagged ships they don’t have to touch the land of another country. They also have to employee all U.S. workers.

So the chances of another cruise line dispatching a ship to do the same thing would require legislative chance that’s unlikely to happen. The alternative then, for this consultant to be hired, is to lure big ships crossing the Pacific to make Hawaii a regular stop.

With Hawaii’s ecological bent, with the likelihood it would require larger port facilities and with the disruption heavy cruise traffic might have on its ocean life, this might be a tougher sell than a consultant imagines.

Even for Paradise.

In the news…

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Holland America Westerdam
7 nights
November 14, 2015
Fort Lauderdale (return): Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Thomas, Half Moon Cay
Inside: $409
Cost per day: $58

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