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So Who Is Watching the Carry-on Bags When Passengers Go Through Security?

News item from Cruise Critic: Two Port of Miami security guards were arrested this month for stealing from cruise ship passengers, then selling the items. As reported by the Miami New Times, the guards were arrested after police reviewed footage showing one of the suspects taking an iPad from a passenger's bag after it was X-rayed and placing it into the rear of his pants underneath his shirt.

800px-VTBS-luggage_screening copy

When we're going on a cruise, we travel with two computers, two iPhones, two cameras and two iPads. You can debate whether as intrepid cruise writers we need all of that equipment if you like, but it's a debate you'll lose.

And as we've been going through airport security, we've often wondered — when we've been delayed going through the human scanner and our equipment has cleared the bag scanner — who's watching?

It never occurred to us the same fear could be applied when boarding a cruise ship.

The basic problem is the same: when you are separated from your hand luggage for whatever reason, nobody is assuming the responsibility of whatever you have in carryon.


Golden Princess
3 nights
December 1, 2013
Los Angeles (return): Ensenada
Inside: $199
Cost per day: $66


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