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So Who Is Watching the Carry-on Bags When Passengers Go Through Security?

News item from Cruise Critic: Two Port of Miami security guards were arrested this month for stealing from cruise ship passengers, then selling the items. As reported by the Miami New Times, the guards were arrested after police reviewed footage showing one of the suspects taking an iPad from a passenger's bag after it was X-rayed and placing it into the rear of his pants underneath his shirt.

800px-VTBS-luggage_screening copy

When we're going on a cruise, we travel with two computers, two iPhones, two cameras and two iPads. You can debate whether as intrepid cruise writers we need all of that equipment if you like, but it's a debate you'll lose.

And as we've been going through airport security, we've often wondered — when we've been delayed going through the human scanner and our equipment has cleared the bag scanner — who's watching?

It never occurred to us the same fear could be applied when boarding a cruise ship.

The basic problem is the same: when you are separated from your hand luggage for whatever reason, nobody is assuming the responsibility of whatever you have in carryon.


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Will Bell Ring Again for Concordia?

Is there no depth to which our species will go in search of riches?

In the case of the person(s) who stole the bell from the Costa Concordia, the depth was only about 50 feet. Yes, somebody stole the bell.

It happened a couple of weeks ago and Italian authorities managed to keep it under cover that the bell was no longer under water. Then Sky News in Great Britain, among others, reported that the bell was missing, forcing investigators to fess up…and open yet another investigation.

The ship is resting on its side, on a ledge, off the island of Giglio in Italy. Its captain is under house arrest, its death toll is certain to reach 32 when the two bodies still missing are found, and its future is being inflated and towed intact — at a cost of almost $300 million — to the nearest major port, Genoa (A cheaper but less tactful and less environmentally sound solution would be dismantling the ship piece by piece where it rests).

And now it's lost its bell.

More than 50 years ago, a plane disappeared in the mountains of Western Canada one wintry night and wasn't found until spring. Soon after that, scavengers were climbing the mountains to steal what personal effects they could find from the 62 victims. More recently, bounty hunters reached the Titanic, deep in the Atlantic, to lift what riches they could.

That should have been the tip-off. There are no depths.

Photo: Sky News

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