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Teams and Cruise Lines: Is There an End Game?

Okay, does the cruise industry understand what it's getting itself into here? Earlier this year, Celebrity became the official cruise line of the Boston Red Sox. Then, Norwegian adopted the New York Knicks. Now, it's Carnival and the New Orleans Saints

Do cruise lines have any idea of many of  "them" there are compared to how many of "us"?

If you just take the four major sports, there are 122 teams — football (32), baseball (30), basketball (30) and hockey (30). How far down the list of cruise lines would you have to go to find a sponsor for the 122nd team on the list — the Southern Liberian Canoe Company? There can't be 122 cruise lines, can there?

And how could any of them dodge the conflict-of-interest morality to be the "official cruise line" of more than one team?

Even if you made it the official "baseball" cruise line of the Boston Red Sox, allowing them to spread their officialdom to other sports, you'd still need at least 30 cruise lines to complete the process.

Somehow, saying that the Oklahoma City Thunder's official cruise line is the Pearl Seas Cruises just doesn't sound right, does it?

Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas
15 nights

November 23, 2013
BarcelonaCadizTenerifeLisbon, Salvador De Bahia, Rio De JanieroSao Paulo 
Inside: $739
Cost per day: $49

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