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The Nature Of…Nude Cruising

When the subject of nude cruises is raised, as it has been a couple of times before this at cruisingdoneright.com, there’s a natural tendency to get cute with phraseology and double-entendres.

You know…there’s nothing to sea…turn the other cheek to a rude nude…buff in a boat…nakationing…sunscreen mandatory, clothing optional…

As people who take them will readily say, their cruises are not going away. They’re Nude cruisegrowing. They used to be categorized as one-off theme cruises that occupied part of a cruise ship. Not any more.

In November, a “Bliss Cruise” will occupy the Celebrity Silhouette, a Solstice Class ship that carries 2,886 passengers. On this cruise, all but 2,886 of them will be wearing clothes. The whole ship has been booked and the cruise is 80 per cent sold, six months in advance, through Bliss Management in Florida.

Next February, “The Big Nude Boat” cruise will be on the Celebrity Constellation, which carries 2,170 passengers. It’s an annual event booked by Bare Necessities in Texas, a company currently offering six nude cruises on a variety of ships, including the Carnival Miracle.

Perhaps the most astounding statistic in this phenomenon is that 70 per cent of nude cruisers come back for another cruise, compared to 62 per cent of cruisers wearing more than sunscreen, and that in 23 years the seas have gone from hosting one nude cruise to 45.

The best one-liner came from Orlando Sun Sentinel writer Arlene Satchell:

“Well, this certainly makes packing easier.”

In the news…

• Next Princess ship (2017) to be based in China year-round
• Windstar christens Star Breeze, second of three all-suite power yachts
• 113,000 sign petition opposing dredging Venice lagoon
• Explorer of the Seas in Australia after multi-million-dollar makeover

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Celebrity Summit
7 nights
June 14, 2015
Bayonne (return): King’s Wharf
Inside: $569
Cost per day: $81

On Board with Bare Necessities


This is not designed to make any judgments about cruising in the nude (i.e. buff in the boat). It is not designed to make jokes like "If anyone is rude to you on a nude cruises, be the bigger person and turn the other cheek." It is not designed to infer that some cruise ships are made for such cruises…like the Carnival Miracle, Liberty of the Seas or Pride of America.

It is designed to relay the facts.

For example, did you know:

• That Carnival has a nude cruise scheduled for February, from Florida to Panama, that the ship carries 2,974 passengers and that at last report it was 70% sold?

• That the American Association for Nude Recreation is more than 80 years old?

• That nudists who refuse to get dressed unless they have to are called "militant nudes."

• That the leading cruise planner in the nudist community — Bare Necessities — is planning some time in the next two years to take naked cruisers to….are you ready for this (you don't even have to scroll down)…Antarctica.

Like we said, just the facts.

And oh yes, the Carnival ship that leaves Florida for Panama next February is called the Freedom.

Carnival Imagination
4 nights
September 24, 2012
Miami (return): Key West, Cozumel
Inside: $209
Cost per day: $52

Photo: cruisenude.com

Cruise Ships and the Naked Truth

As the industry has grown, cruise lines have had to be creative in maximizing the capacity of their ships. It’s really no different than baseball teams that use promotions to fill ballparks. Get the customers on board, even at discounted prices, and let the profits come from what they spend at the hot-dog stand, in the casino, buying beer, getting spa treatments, and so on.

One of the strategies they’ve employed, in a wide range of ways, is the well-known “theme cruise.”

Today’s question is: When does a theme cruise go too far?

There are music cruises, gay cruises, literary cruises, sports cruises, religion cruises…and now comes the big one: nude cruises. And if you don’t think they’re popular, there are websites (now there’s a surprise!) devoted to nude cruises, as you can see by the photo.

Not that we’ve ever been on one, any more than we have been at a nude beach, but we presume there is a certain amount of decorum exercised by the participants. However, is that enough?

The problem is with crew members. Many of them are from countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and parts of Africa, where much of the population has strong religious convictions…convictions which don’t tolerate nudity. As such, crew members who serve on nude cruises (it’s really just part of a ship, usually) are put in what can best be uncomfortable situations. We’ve been told of crew members who refused to work on nude cruises.

In the end, that’s probably the answer. Allow them to refuse to go, but are cruise lines willing to let them break a contract for reasons of nudity?

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