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Viking Offer for China a Bucket Lister?

Going to China isn't something that's ever made it onto our Bucket List but if it did, could there be a more appealing way to go than on a river cruise?

There are many choices, and one of them caught our eyes this week because it seems somewhat affordable, which river cruises often aren't for the average traveler, from Viking Cruises.

How does this sound?

A 13-day cruisetour called Imperial Jewels of China at the end of February, from Shanghai to Beijing for $3,000 per person. That's about $230 a day and it includes 11 guided tours to many places a first-time tourist would like to see — The Great Wall, Three Gorges Dam, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square — in addition to all the usual accoutrements like a balcony room, just about all meals, two nights in upscale hotels, two Intra-China flights.

The ship is the Viking Emerald and, yes, of course you also have to fly to China. Viking's got a deal on that, too — $797, a 2-for-1 offer that applies on flights from Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

Add it all up and you can spend 13 days seeing China for under $3,800 per person. Viking's regular price for all this is $8,595.

Are we going?

Can't make it this time…we have a commitment in Washington DC the day the cruise ends.

But it just might go on the bucket list after all.

Norwegian Sky
4 nights
January 6, 2014
Miami (return): Grand BahamaNassauGreat Stirrup Cay
Inside: $149
Cost per day: $39

New Ways to Fill Cruise Bucket

For Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, a Bucket List meant things like riding motorcycles on China’s Great Wall, laughing till they cried and kissing the most beautiful girl in the world (it turned out to be Nicholson’s on-screen granddaughter in the movie). For country singer Tim McGraw, it meant — in a song — riding a bull named Fu Manchu.

And for Americans who like to cruise?

Alaska, baby.

According to a survey conducted by Princess Cruise Lines, more Americans (25%) have on their travel bucket list the 49th state (and all the adventures that come with it) rather than cruising to such exotic places as the Amazon, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, Africa or the Panama Canal. In fact, the competitors weren’t even close, so evidently there are still many cruisers who haven’t seen Alaska.

Furthermore, 17% of them would like to go dog mushing on an Alaskan glacier, discover the lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru, or visit historic castles in Scotland. Therein lies a contradiction of sorts…Machu Picchu is an extremely expensive proposition any way you do it and Scotland…well, you know what they say about Scots!

But hey, it’s a Bucket List, and money is no object.

Thanks to the current social media tools — is there anything more current (seriously) than Facebook and Twitter? — Princess has made these determinations. At the same time, the cruise line is unveiling new cruisetour options, and enabling its customers to book them as they do shore excursions through Princess, rather than separately or at the destination.

Did we mention where the destination is? Oh, it’s Alaska.


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