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Princess Cruising With Cat Greenleaf

Maybe we’ve been living under a rock, but we’d never heard of Cat Greenleaf. Or maybe it’s because in the morning our TV station of choice is CNN, not NBC. Or maybe it’s just because we don’t live in New York, or go to the Emmys.

So finding out something about Cat Greenleaf was…interesting.

Our motivation was that Princess Cruises is sharing — with anybody who cares to watch — a series of videos with the host of Talk Stoop, an Emmy Award-winning interview show with more than 12 million viewers, or more than live in New York City, her home. The videos are about the first cruise for her family: husband Mike, two small boys and mother-in-law (aka, babysitter).

There are 20 of them — don’t be intimidated, they’re short — and they’re well-done, because Princess always seems to do things well…or even better. They highlight all the good things about what first-time cruisers (and sometimes long-time cruisers) experience Cat Greenleaf-2in booking, sailing, enjoying and leaving a ship. It’s not clear which Princess ship this television celebrity was on, but it was the Regal Princess, which carries “5,000 people” — 3,500 plus crew.

That Princess came up with the idea is impressive. 

This is a multi-racial, two-parents-who-work family with a career-driven life that’s too busy to escape on a week-long cruise. Or has been. Sound familiar? There are many such families these days, so Princess is tapping into a large segment of what is already a large segment — first-time cruisers. We can assume, because this was a promotion for the cruise line, that this busy family didn’t pay for the cruise and that, in return, Princess got exactly what it wants the rest of us to see.

For people who have cruised a lot, a couple of things were intriguing. Who knew that a ship like this has 300 routers positioned in all corners to accommodate Wi-Fi? Did Cat Greenleaf really hurt her foot, necessitating a trip to the ship’s doctor and an opportunity to talk about the “hospitals” at sea? And how did she manage to wander through the kitchen without wearing one of those antiseptic white coats the rest of us have worn on kitchen visits?

But the concept is clever, to say the least, and Princess did a service not just for its brand but for the entire industry with this first-person, one-person videos to let the rest of the world in on why cruising is the vacation choice of millions. Plus, it’s good for Cat Greenleaf far beyond a happy cruise experience, because now she has more people who know of her and Talk Stoop.

At least two.

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Celebrity Equinox
14 nights
April 15, 2016
Fort Lauderdale (return): Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Seville, Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona
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Cost per day: $64

The 55-plus Crowd of Consumers Sometimes Lost in the Rush for Youth

If you're of a certain vintage, then you have undoubtedly recognized that one of the things that comes with the vintage is you are no longer considered to be among the mainstream consumers. This applies in most consumer categories including, as surprising as this might be to people who avoid cruise ships, the cruise industry.

We saw it again yesterday. We watched the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, because that's what people of our vintage traditionally do. We watch TV to be entertained.

Yesterday, we woke up to a mini-controversy that hadn't occurred to us at the time. The show had not given the late Jack Klugman — who was 90 when he Jack Klugman220px-Cory_Monteith_2,_2011died last December — his due during the show's "memorial" segments. The three-time Emmy winner was mentioned in passing (no pun intended)…not canonized as the late Cory Monteith was. Monteith died at 31 as a no-time Emmy winner.

Why? Because the sponsors are after young people in the TV audience, because they are "the consumers."

Cruise lines are also after the young guns. How many retirees do you know who climb rock walls on ships, who stay up all night drinking exotic concoctions and who would be tempted to go on a cruise because they could zip-line or see Mickey Mouse?

Because cruise lines "have" the older set they chase the younger…but do they have the old folks? A man from Fred.Olsen Cruises was asked about this "age-ist" mentality last week in England. Here is part of what the man, Nathan Philpot, had to say:

"We're not catering to the needs of the over-55s market. Perhaps we prefer the airbrushed views of cruisers. We need to question ourselves — are we promoting the image of cruise that we feel more comfortable with or the image of cruise that is most relevant to the audience we are talking to?"

Retirees will likely always be the foundation of the cruise industry. Only retirees have — in significant numbers — the time to cruise regularly or for a long time (anything over two weeks). Like it or not, cruise lines can't afford to lose sight of that.

And retirees are a vintage of consumers.

Yesterday, we went shopping (okay, one of us did) at Justice, a clothing store just for girls. Young girls. After all, people of our vintage do have grandchildren, and that makes them consumers.

For life.

Caribbean Princess
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November 1, 2013
Houston (return): Progreso
Inside: $399
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