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Norwegian Gratuities Claim Change

In all our cruises, the attention of crew members has been such that we’ve never felt inclined to protest paying the accepted daily gratuities charged to our account. We’ve seen passengers who have, because they felt attention from room stewards or waiters was below the accepted standard.

As you know, daily gratuities are about $12 per person, per day.

The process for removing gratuities from your account is done at the Guest Relations Desk before disembarking.

Now, Norwegian is making it less likely you’ll do that.

Passengers on Norwegian ships will only be able to recover the “daily service charge” by contacting Guest Relations Services after they’ve returned home. The cruise line isn’t saying so, but passengers who have debated this charge as they disembark are usually in for a long, er…conversation, which doesn’t help preventing line-ups in the ship’s lobby.

Less likely to make a claim?

Really, are you going to feel more inclined to start making phone calls to track down Guest Relations once you’re back home?

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Emerald Princess
14 nights
April 2, 2016
Fort Lauderdale, Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Bilbao, Paris, London
Inside: $1,199
Cost per day: $85

The Things Travelers Say…

Time for a little levity.

One of the many email jokes to cross our laptops this week detailed “complaints” from travelers, allegedly courtesy of Thomas Cook Travel in Great Britain. Investigation did show TCT as the source of the complaints, although there is no evidence of them on the company’s website.

Anyway, here’s a few of them, just for laughs…

“It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England it only took the Americans three hours to get home.”

“The beach was too sandy.”

“Topless sunbathing on the beach should be banned. The holiday was ruined as my husband spent all day looking at other women.”

“We bought’ Ray-Ban’ sunglasses for five Euros from a street trader, only to find out they were fake.”

“No-one told us there would be fish in the sea. The children were startled.”

“The brochure stated:  ‘No hairdressers at the accommodation’. We’re trainee hairdressers – will we be OK staying there?”

“It is your duty as a tour operator to advise us of noisy or unruly guests before we travel.”

“My fiancé and I booked a twin-bedded room but we were placed in a double-bedded room. We now hold you responsible for the fact that I find myself pregnant. This would not have happened if you had put us in the room that we booked.”

And we found this one from a cruiser named Lennon Richardson:

“An angry guest came down to the front desk of a Holland America Line cruise ship demanding a different room. The attendant tried to calm him down and find out why he disliked his cabin so much. He responded: ‘I paid a lot of money for this cruise and was promised a sea view, the only thing I can see through my window is the parking lot!’ We’d not yet left the dock.”

Celebrity Millennium
2 nights
December 22, 2011
Miami (return): Bahamas
Inside  $199

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