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Amigos Return A Comeback for Mexico


The Mexican Riviera is cruising's enigma.So beautiful and so accessible. So dangerous and so unpredictable. At various times, it has been a hotspot for cruise ships and part of a country that scares away tourists with crimes ranging from pick-pocketing to murders.

Right now, for now…Mexico's back.

This was a line item in the Cruise Industry News Annual Report this month. After falling off a tourist cliff faster than the divers of Acapulco, the Mexican Riviera Acapulcowelcomed back ships from Carnival and Princess, to the point that it's possible for three-quarters of a million cruisers to visit this year, up from 447,452 last year.

That's a whopping increase of 67 per cent!

At this point, it is only an opportunity. However, cruise lines wouldn't go there if the ships were going to be empty, relatively speaking. It's a simple supply-and-demand calculation, and this year cruise lines are calculating there will be a demand.


The high point for the Mexican Riviera was five years ago, when 39 ships and almost 1.2 million passengers were visitors. Coincidentally, it wasn't just a dive caused by the threat of being robbed or injured. It was also 2008, the beginning of the financial crisis that hurt tourism everywhere.

Evidently, both safety and economy are better…at least on the Mexican Riviera.

Norwegian Pearl
7 nights
April 4, 2014
Miami (return): RoatanBelizeCozumelKey West
Inside: $349
Cost per day: $49

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