Cruising…What’s Not To Like?

To state the obvious: We LOVE cruising! Our longest cruise, 19 days, left us wishing we were staying on board a little longer. We’d found a home away from home. We would cruise almost anywhere. 

So when friends recently asked us what we didn’t like about cruising, we had to stop and think. As you’d expect our list is not long…

1. The continuous up-sell tactics in the spas, and that’s virtually all spas on all ships: Whether it’s another spa service, a brush, a cream or a potion, we MUST need it! The consequences of not buying something we think is over-priced at best or unnecessary at worst are terminal, or worse. To be clear, we’re not real “spa” people. We don’t “spa” much on land, so our experience is somewhat limited and perhaps a little jaded.

2. Arriving at the dining room in which we are told beforehand that we can dine anytime we choose, and with anyone we choose, and eat anything we want on the menu: We Deck chairsusually ask for a table for two, and the frequent response we get is this: “Would you mind joining others?” Our response is always the same…NO! If we had wanted a group table, that is what we would have requested.

3. Passengers who still insist on saving the el primo lounge chairs for several hours while they are otherwise occupied on the ship: The towel and water glass sitting on the lounger for a couple of hours, unoccupied, is usually the tip-off. Since cruise lines don’t want to designate “towel police” to enforce something that will alienate even a small percentage of their passengers, it’s un-solvable. Maybe they should hold classes on manners.

4. Cold toast…kind of picky, we know: We have been told by high-ranking kitchen staff that logistics makes this virtually impossible. In all our cruises, the only place we’ve found hot toast is on the Norwegian Epic, in O’Sheehan’s Pub of all places, because we actually watched them make the toast and bring it straight to our table. Thanks, Kevin O’Sheehan!

And that’s all.

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Carnival Inspiration
4 nights
October 19, 2015
Los Angeles (return): Catalina Island, Ensenada
Inside: $159
Cost per day: $39

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