Food For Thought From A Man Of Many Cruises

Yesterday we bumped into our neighbor Tom, who has been on more cruises than we have and thereby qualifies as something of an expert on likes and dislikes of cruising…mostly likes, because he wouldn't be on cruise ships if he didn't enjoy them.

Tom has been on Oasis of the Seas three times. A friend of his questioned why he Oasis of the Seaswould go on a ship so big, saying he would never go because there were too many people. Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class flagship can handle about 6,000 passengers.

"Because it's so big," Tom reasoned, "there are lots of places to go. So it feels the same as if you're on a ship that carries two or three thousand people."

MagicInteresting is that our neighbor felt so comfortable on a ship so big.

On another cruise, Tom's ship was the Disney Magic. At dinner the first night, he mentioned to the waiter that he didn’t like his food too spicy. The next day he received a call in his stateroom from Disney staff, advising Tom that scallops was on that night's menu and assuring him care would be taken to make certain his dish wasn't too spicy.

That continued throughout the cruise.

"Of all our cruises," he says, "that was my best food experience."

Just a couple of observations from a seasoned cruiser.

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Norwegian Sky
3 nights
August 15, 2014
Miami (return): NassauGreat Stirrup Cay
Inside: $159
Cost per day: $53

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