The Crazy World of Carnival Cruises

BreezeDo you hear the one about the cruise line that was being sued by the lawyer for passengers on a ship's "cruise from hell" even though the passengers weren't really on the ship?

It's not a joke. It's true. And here's one for the Ripley archives…yes, Carnival.

A Houston attorney named John Bruster Loyd — who must be important because a Google search prompts 18 quick hits — filed a suit against Carnival this month on behalf of clients Luke Cash and Ami "Summer" Gallagher, claiming they had been on the Triumph in February, when it spent five days more or less lifeless in the Gulf of Mexico.

Luke and Summer were in Texas at the time. They had a pre-paid wedding in Cozumel scheduled on a future Triumph cruise, which was canceled. The attorney forgot his clients hadn't been on the ship and, in the end, uttered those two words seldom uttered by a lawyer.

Mea culpa.

Only in Carnival's world.

* * *

And then there are the people who really want Carnival. Badly. They live in DominicaDominica, an island nation in the south-east Caribbean, and they haven't seen a Carnival ship in three years after their 21-year relationship went south.

They say the price of gas cut Carnival's commitment to Dominica and that there's no sign the absence of ships will change any time soon. For a nation that depends heavily on tourism and agriculture, this is a troubling situation.

The former tourism minister calls Carnival was the island's "most important economic partner." Given the "wanted" lists that Carnival seems to be on for all the wrong reasons, maybe the cruise line should think about going back to where its ships really are missed the most.

* * *

And one final note on Carnival…

It's the first major cruise line to implement a widespread reduction of fees that single travelers have to pay, with more deals than ever on multiple ships and multiple itineraries for the solo crowd.

Two questions:

1. Will more major lines follow suit?

2. Given that cruise lines rarely do these things if they're sold out, does this mean Carnival is simply trying to put more heads in more beds?

Norwegian Pearl
20 nights
April 18, 2014
Miami, Cartagena, Panama Canal, Puntarenas, Puerto ChiapasHuatulcoPuerto VallartaSan DiegoLos AngelesSan FranciscoVictoriaVancouver
Inside: $1,359
Cost per day: $67

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