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Canned Applause For Carnival

The record will show that in Monday Night Football this week, the winners were the Detroit Lions. The disappointing Lions went into New Orleans and beat the equally disappointing Saints 35-27.

But the Lions weren’t the only winners, thanks to Carnival Cruise Line, which saw to it that a lot of New Orleans people did not go away as empty-handed as their Saints.

As the local football team’s “official cruise line” Carnival will provide more than 75,000 meals to hungry families and/or homeless people in the Louisiana mecca during the

Volunteers from the Second Harvest Food Bank work on the world's largest Carnival cruise ship made of cans. (Photo by Peter G. Forest)

Volunteers from the Second Harvest Food Bank work on world’s largest Carnival cruise ship made of cans. (Photo by Peter G. Forest)

holiday season, in a joint initiative. It didn’t happen overnight — neither did MNF’s win and loss for the NFL teams — and it involved students from New Orleans-area schools. Carnival and the Saints provided the incentives (from pizza parties to autographed footballs free cruises for the schools that collected the most cans of food).

Monday night was the celebration, at half-time.

To mark it, Carnival volunteers created “the world’s largest cruise ship built of canned food.” The 17,000 cans of food were part of the haul that will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank in time for Christmas.

There are currently two Carnival ships based in New Orleans — the Dream and the Elation  with the Triumph arriving in the spring to replace the smaller Elation. So the cruise line has a vested interest in being the good corporate citizen. At Christmas, many people in The Big Easy are grateful for that.

In the news…

• Disney drops Greece, Turkey from 2016 Mediterranean cruises
• Grounding damages Windstar’s Star Pride in Panama; cruise canceled
• Carnival Corporation to use 100 per cent cage-free eggs on ships

Today at portsandbows.comDiana Ross on the Carnival Breeze

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Monday Night Football — not the REAL Attraction

Princess Cruises is promoting the fact that passengers can now watch Monday Night Football on 11 of its ships, all of them with U.S.-based departures. Watching NFL games on a big screen on a cruise ship is nothing new. 

The first time for us was a game between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. It was four years ago, a time when there wasn't as much interest in the Seahawks as there is these days, and the game didn't attract a sell-out crowd at the back of the BigScreen-footballship. Maybe it was the teams, which finished that season with a combined record of 12-20.

What is new, and clever, about the Princess promotion is that they're calling it a different version of a tailgate party. Specifically, it's called a Tailgate at Sea.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

The big screens are always around outdoor food areas at the back, and where's there's food there's drink. Drinking is what tailgate parties are all about and the bad thing about when they're outside a stadium is that the participants then have to drive home. On the ships, home is only a deck or two away.

There's also a pool, and probably a hot tub, so you can eat and drink by the pool, swim or lounge in bubbling hot water, and see a game that's hand-picked to be competitive, at least when the season begins that's the way it's perceived.

All that and Jon Gruden, too.

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