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What Can Happen on Ship's 'Playground'

Here's a serious cruise incident for you to ponder:

Last February, a nine-year-old boy on a Royal Caribbean ship suffered a head injury while playing a game similar to dodge ball. Participants were other kids and crew members from the ship.

The ship was docked in the Bahamas. The kids were invited to play by the crew and, being kids, they were only too happy to oblige. The game was played on hardwood or concrete, with the kids dodging balls thrown by the crew. Nobody was wearing protective equipment and the boy, Leo Tao, collided with another child and had to undergo emergency brain surgery in Nassau.

You know what's next, right.

A lawsuit.

In it, the complainant says Leo suffered "severe and permanent damage" and that Royal Caribbean was at fault because "no protective equipment was provided…nor were any warning signs present."

The cruise line defense is that the accident "could happen at any school, playground, or daycare."

So…when is a playground-type collision somebody's fault, and when is it part of the risk of being a kid?

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