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Pick 'em: Blue Iguana, Guy's Burgers

Choosing where to eat out is not always easy for us.

One of us likes — no, loves — Mexican food. She would have it every day. Every meal. It must have started the day, many moons ago, that her husband said she was his “little chiquita.” She’s even bilingual, sort of, because her Spanish vocabulary includes all the Freedom-Iguanaimportant words…enchiladas, tacos, tortillas, carne, huevos, salsa, tequila…you get the idea.

Her better half is, well, kind of meat-and-potatoes. Or hamburgers and French fries. Calories aren’t among the things he counts in life as critical. His major concession is “Diet” Coke. It’s not that he doesn’t like Mexican, but how many times a week (or day) can you enjoy rice and beans?

The Carnival Freedom made it easy…as simple as pushing “9” on the elevator for the Lido Deck.

On the right, you have Blue Iguana. She was in her element. Freshly made tortillas for lunch (or breakfast) waiting to be stuffed with Mexican sausages, heuvos or chiles. Top it off with a choice of 10 sales ranging from wimpy-mild to screaming hot. Burritos or tacos with a huge assortment of fillings of meat, cheese, guacamole, veggies and sauces. Seldom a line-up. Always fresh. Always hot.

On the left, mere steps away, you have Guy’s Burger Joint. Her husband never watches the Food Network but he knows Guy Fieri is the cook with bleach-blond electric hair and a Freedom-Fierishape that is, if not admirable at least acceptable. Not everybody needs a six-pack, right? His customers build their own burgers and, like Blue Iguana…always fresh, always hot. You don’t have to eat junk food to only live once, but since you only live once, junk food is okay…and, anyway, who’s going to tell Fieri to his face that his food is junk?

So, with our plates of personal preferences and with no cuisine compromising, we sat together and enjoyed what, for each, was the perfect meal. Can it get any better!

Today at portsandbows.com: Cruise news and views you can use

Caribbean Princess
7 nights
October 4, 2014
Fort Lauderdale (return): Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Princess Cays, Roatan
Inside: $399
Cost per day: $57

If You've Been Overeating on Cruises…

It’s not so long ago that when people talked about cruising, the quantity of food was at the top of the list. Not quality…quantity!

Things have changed. On our last cruise, aboard the Coral Princess, we noticed the sensible size of dinner portions. Make no mistake…you can still eat as much as you like, but now you’re not being “spoon fed” too much food by the cruise line, making you more responsible for overeating.

And who could have imagined that a cruise line, these alleged pariahs of weight-gain, would step into the battle against childhood obesity?

Celebrity has teamed up with Nerdel, a company that was founded by health experts, and a company that’s based on the premise that children’s health and wellness is a priority. Celebrity obviously endorses that philosophy, even on vacation.

The NERDEL program made its debut on Celebrity Silhouette this summer in Europe, and it will be fully integrated fleet-wide — that’s 10 ships — this month. The program is play-based, and targets the ship’s under-eight population. Custom-designed music, puppetry and activity books are all part of the program, but — for me — the “piece de resistance” sounds like the pizza-making!

That’s HEALTHY pizza-making.

The program doesn’t end when the cruise does. There’s a land-based component, with an interactive website and apps for iPads.

Now all we need is an iPad…

Carnival Liberty
February 25, 2012
7 nights
Miami (return), Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand Cayman
Inside $479

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