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Cruising…And What IS To Like

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog — Cruising, What’s Not To Like? — we thought it made sense to point out why we do like cruising. Again, at the risk of stating the obvious, these come from a long list of “likes” that have emerged from years of being on cruise ships… 

The value: When you add up the costs of flying, renting a car and eating, you’re probably getting close to what you’d spend on taking an average cruise with an average cabin on one of the big ocean ships. If you want to spend more — as you would for business class or a bigger car — you can upgrade from inside stateroom to oceanview to balcony to suite, but none of that compares to sitting in a coach-class airplane seat for hours.

Seeing the world: There are usually borders to be observed (Caribbean, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, etc.) but cruise ships make it easy to go to an area and see many places Venicethat would be more problematic to reach by air or on land. Beyond that, with re-positioning cruises you can really “do” a lot of places if that’s your motivation and while we haven’t been on one we imagine that around-the-world cruises are easier for the same reason.

Food: Another subjective one, but we could count the bad meals (or mediocre meals) we’ve had on cruise ships. Considering the mass number of people that have to be satisfied, with different tastes and allergies, cruise-ship chefs do a remarkable job of keeping everybody happy,.

Unpacking:  Whether it’s an ocean cruise ship or a river cruise ship, being able to unpack your suitcases and leave everything in the same place for a week or more is like staying in Room-Verandaa hotel for that length of time. The difference is that these hotels are on the move and consequently, so are you. Maybe that’s why people call cruise ships floating hotels!

Options: When you’re on a ship, you can do as much or as little as you like. We tend to do much. We’re more likely to be found in a theater for a show or on a shore excursion than sitting in a stateroom or a bar or library. But having all the options is appealing.

People: Everybody’s different, of course, but we’ve made many friends among crew members who work on ships. While we’re not anti-social, we do find people working on ships and living in ports more interesting than fellow passengers. We’ve made a few friends there, too, but the social aspect has never been a motivation for taking a cruise.

Getting there: In this age, flying has become much less fun. We usually still have to fly to get to a port, but imagine how many flights you’d take if you wanted to visit Peru, Chile and Argentina — or France, Italy and Spain — on one trip.

And those are just the high points!

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Holland America Veendam
7 nights
September 26, 2015
Quebec City, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Bar Harbor, Boston
Inside: $729
Cost per day: $104

Big Easy — No. 6 in cruising


Next month, it will be eight years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. At the time, there was some doubt if the most famous city below sea level would ever recover.

Not that this makes the recovery complete by any means, but the cruise news from New Orleans is all good. More cruises, more passengers, more money…and if ever a city outside of Detroit needed a kick in the economy, it was Nawlins.

Here are some figures, courtesy of the Cruise Lines International Association:

• Number of passengers in 2012 almost a million, up 32 per cent from 2011

• Cruise industry spending of $399 million, up 42.5 per cent

• Jobs generated — 7,548, or 2,036 more than the previous year

• Income from jobs generated — $294 million, up 39 per cent

• 80 per cent of the passengers from out of state, and 60 per cent of them spend at least two nights in the city before or after cruising

• Money spent by passengers and cruise ship crews of $78.4 million, more than half of it from lodging, food and beverage

As a result, New Orleans has moved up three spots and is No. 6 among the largest cruise ports in the U.S. Some of it comes from the altruistic and ongoing desire to help the city hit so hard by violent weather. Some of it is just because New Orleans is New Orleans.

Celebrity Millennium
11 nights
October 22, 2013
EnsenadaLahaina, Nawilwili, Kilauea Volcano, HiloKonaHonolulu
Inside: $949
Cost per day: $86

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