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Creative Compensation for Pearl People

Would you swap Juneau for Bill Cosby?

That’s what passengers on the Norwegian Pearl are doing — not exactly by choice — next weekend. If it’s not a good deal, it’s at least a creative one.

Here’s what happened…

Norwegian discovered that the Pearl needed some propeller repairs, so on Sunday night it will be sleepless in Seattle, staying in the port overnight so the repairs can be completed. That delays what was supposed to be a Sunday departure for Alaska until Monday morning. That delay means skipping Juneau.

As part of making it up to the Pearl’s passengers, NCL is bringing in the iconic comedian, to perform a couple of 70-minute shows in the Stardust Theater. There is, of course, no charge.

Once the ship heads north next Monday on a 7-day Alaska Glacier Bay cruise, guests will receive a $150 onboard credit (per stateroom), a 10% future cruise credit (per guest), 50% discount on cover charges for specialty restaurants and the opportunity to sample Seattle nightlife.

So it’s really Juneau for Cosby…plus, plus, plus. We thought at 1-for-1 it was pretty good.

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