No More Bathroom Humor for Norwegian

Finally, Norwegian is able to put its Epic bathroom to bed. If you’ve been reading this cruise blog, or even if you haven’t, you’ll already know that the Epic bathroom issue is that a somewhat-open design created all kinds of controversy.

You’ll also know our opinion is that it was, for the most part, much ado about nothing. In our seven days on the Epic, we heard the odd complaint…while eavesdropping on or asking some of the ship’s 6,000 passengers. The pros and cons have been detailed here before, and the reason for raising the issue again is that Norwegian has.

The press release designed to draw attention to two new ships NCL will launch in 2013 and 2014 did not specifically address the controversy, but apparently CEO Kevin Sheehan did, when he said the new vessels would have “fully enclosed bathrooms.”

The Epic balcony stateroom bathrooms were not. Anybody who has been on the Epic will notice the remarkable difference in the prototype depicted here…and, yes, it is hard to believe a picture of a bathroom is that important, but it is.

The new ships — without names for now — are categorized by NCL as “Project Breakaway” and they are being designed to capture the best features of the 10 ships NCL has launched since 2001. For some reason, the Norwegian Spirit (2000) was excluded from the list….hmmm?

More new-ship announcements will be spaced out over the coming months so that Norwegian can begin building to the launch dates, in consecutive Aprils. None of the announcements will deal with the bathrooms.

And if they do, you won’t read about it here!

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