Long and Round…and No Flights

Flying is (or can be) a pain, right? When's the last time you took a long flight that was flawless? Impeccable, aggravation-free experience from check-in at one airport to check-out of another? No delays, either on the way to the plane or on the tarmac? Free of cramped quarters, free to eat what you want when you want? Smiles all around, especially on your face?

Maybe it's just us, but there seems to be a trend towards more "long" round trips on cruises these days, to take the flight and all that comes with it right out of the equation, not to mention out of your holiday.

You can find lots of examples of this, but one that really caught our attention was identified by our pal at Ports and Bows, Phil Reimer, who mentioned it in his blog yesterday.

A Transatlantic round trip?

It's in October, on Holland America. The Maasdam leaves Fort Lauderdale for Italy (and assorted other countries on the way there and back), returning to Florida six weeks later (yes, 42 days). It goes for less than $100 a day if you can get by without a balcony, and you visit 20 ports. Next summer, the Veendam will cross the Atlantic from Boston and come back. This journey is 35 days, round trip, and is billed as the Voyage of the Vikings. These are both one-time experiences. 

Trial runs, maybe?

Now if you don't live in Fort Lauderdale or Boston, or close enough to drive, you may still have to fly. However, you can travel around for five to six weeks and escape almost all of the aggravations, big or small, that come with getting on a plane.

If nothing else, it's an interesting concept.

Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas
13 nights
October 27, 2013
BostonSt. KittsSt. LuciaBarbadosCuracaoArubaTampa
Inside: $725
Cost per day: $55

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