Alaska in Need of Cel Phone Help

Hold the phone, here comes a cruise ship!

That's the cry in Alaska these days, after residents discovered that the bandwidth used by cruise-ship passengers on their cel phones was impacting the bandwidth available to people who live in the 49th state.

Actually, not the whole state. Just Haines and Skagway, which both happen to be cruise ports.

What residents are experiencing are dropped calls, spotty Internet service and even a six-hour outage one day, according to a story in the Chilkat Valley News. Since most of the poor service is at eight in the morning and four in the afternoon, that day must have been one where most passengers stayed on the ship…and the phone.

Alaska's AT&T people are all over the problem and promising better service but don't know when. Nobody wants to rock the boat, or the cruise ship, because the presence of passengers in Haines and Skagway means so much to the economy.

Until things get better, they'll just put the cel phones away whenever they see a cruise ship.

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