Norwegian vs Bermuda a Gamble

Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian's aggressive CEO, isn't always right. But often, he is. We'd like you to weigh in on whether you think this is one of those occasions.

Last week, Sheehan addressed the fact Norwegian would like to have its casinos on the new ship Breakaway, which spends three nights every week docked in Bermuda. Open in the evenings only.

As a rule, cruise ships are not allowed to have casinos open when close to any port. Whether it's because it will cut into that port's gambling business or because there is a law prohibiting the importation of this vicarious form of entertainment, who knows?

Here's what Sheehan told the Royal Gazette in Bermuda:

"People love to spend the day off the ship shopping and then in the evening they come back on. But then the pulse of the ship really drops because we’re not allowed to open our casino. To me, I can’t understand why it’s even a point of view for Bermuda, because it’s only for people on the ship."

From Bermuda's side, the unspoken fear is that cruise passengers will spend money in the casino and not in the evening entertainment on shore. The fact that the island has no casinos means there is no gambling competition.

So, is Sheehan right or not?

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July 7, 2013
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