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Travel Tips for Southampton

Two quick ones for anybody planning a journey like ours on the Celebrity Eclipse, a Transatlantic re-positioning cruise…

1. Assuming Southampton is your destination, don’t assume that a 5 a.m. arrival ensures you can catch a flight back the same day, if you’re not planning to stay in Europe. Some airlines (American) fly only early in the morning and you need at least two hours to get from the ship to the airport, and you have to be there two hours before your flight leaves.

2. If you are looking for transportation from Southampton to Heathrow, for example, there are several options and none of them is cheap. The cruise-ship bus (coach) is $100 per person. A “shore excursion” is between $120, per person. Thanks to the Internet, we lucked out with Apex Executive Cars. The driver, Gary Lee, was prompt and exemplary, and the cost was 73 pounds ($140), plus tip.

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