'Glory' Good Name for This Ship

On the website and in advertising material, they are called the “Fun Ships.” Among people who like to cruise, they are called the “Party Ships.” Either way, they’re Carnival’s ships, and you might not expect perfection in the cleanliness department (we’ve all cleaned house after a late party).

Not that Carnival — the world’s largest cruise line — doesn’t take clean ships seriously, because all cruise lines do. It’s just that cleaning a party ship has to be more difficult than cleaning a ship where all the passengers are dressed to the nines and tucked in their staterooms before the moon comes up.

Take note of the Carnival Glory.

In consecutive ship inspections, one in the U.S. and one in Canada, the Glory was perfect. As you know, perfection means 100%. Not 99. Not 101. Just 100.

It was the ship’s 17th inspection in a U.S. port over the last eight years. Six have been perfect. It was the Glory’s first visit from Canadian inspectors, who have found Carnival ships perfect eight times in 23 inspections, and never with a score lower than 93.

If this is how they clean up a party ship, are they available for our next house party?

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