Sapphire no Jewel in Santa Barbara?

Admittedly, we know Santa Claus better than we know Santa Barbara. Been there once. Had a great dinner, saw a great concert. It seemed like a nice place, and it probably is a nice place, populated with nice people.

One of them is getting a little heat from cruisers.

On a website called Santa Barbara View, dedicated to “informed opinion writing” by authors who seem to be without names, the following informed opinion was written: “Weather permitting, Princess Cruise Line’s 2,300 passenger Sapphire Princess is scheduled to arrive  in Santa Barbara today [Sunday]. A record number, seven cruise ships are scheduled to bring their passengers and pollutants to Santa Barbara in 2011.”

Wow! Passengers and pollutants?

That’s what most of the comments on the website since Sunday implied: “Talk about biting the hand that feeds you”…Pollutants? Really?”…”2000 passengers with not much to do except shop and visit the central coast wine country um, um um, um, UM. Take the money and run.”

While the Sapphire Princess came and went, presumably with all of its passengers — oh no, there were 3,700 of them — and some of its pollutants, here’s the kicker in the story:

At Santa Barbara, ships are moored off shore. The passengers are taken ashore on tender boats.

Pollutants? Really?

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