A Reason to Celebrate in San Diego

Much is made of the inaugural voyages by cruise ships, anywhere and everywhere in the world. There are parties, and confetti, and dignitaries, and broken champagne bottles, and toasts.

What about cruise ship terminals?

Tomorrow in San Diego is the inaugural arrival for a new terminal that was officially opened on the weekend. It’s called the Port Pavilion, 52,000 square feet of space and modern architecture that will speed up the embarkation and disembarkation process…as long as there is a process to speed up.

Up to 2,600 passengers will disembark in less than 30 minutes, officials say.

When Holland America’s Rotterdam arrives tomorrow, it’s the beginning of what city officials hope will be a resurgence of cruise-ship activity that is going to take time. The new Broadway Pier terminal is a response to cruise lines and passengers who complained about San Diego’s B Street Pier, and it comes amid projections that cruise-ship visitors in 2011 will be half what they were this year.

So it’s for futures.

In the meantime, the $28 million Port Pavilion will be available for special events, such as wedding receptions…and inaugural cruise-ship arrivals.

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