The Dean of Our Kitchen

In our kitchen, there has never been a more talented visiting chef than Alan Richman, who has made a career of critiquing the culinary exploits of others as a food and wine guy with GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, Bon Appetit and other such publications of notoriety and respect.

Besides being a good cook, Alan is a good friend, and not just because he’s wined and dined us in eating establishments we otherwise would have seen only from the outside.

Anyway, we bring this up — oops, bad choice of words there — only because some of the top chefs around are going to show cruise passengers how it’s done on a variety of Holland America routes this year. The 65 chefs recruited in co-operation with Food & Wine Magazine are all well-known where fine-food fanatics gather:

* Dean James Max, executive chef of 3030 Ocean (FL), ms Westerdam, March 28-April 4.
* Marisol Koczal Simon, culinary educator, author and chef, ms Prinsendam, April 9-26.
* Lon Symensa, executive chef, Buddakan (NYC), winner of the 1996 U.S. Culinary Olympic Team and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, ms Eurodam, May 9-19.
* Martin Blunos, UK television personality and chef, ms Eurodam, May 29-June 8.
* Lars Kronmark, executive chef instructor at The Culinary Institute of America (CA), ms Nieuw Amsterdam, July 4-14.
* Tre Wilcox, executive chef, culinary educator and Top Chef contender, ms Statendam, July 25-August 1.
* Bryan Caswell, chef / owner, Reef and Little Bigs (Houston), ms Prinsendam, August 8-18.
* Barbara Lynch, James Beard Award Winner, recipient of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Ten Best New Chefs” award, executive chef and owner of Number 9 Park (Boston), ms Noordam, September 18-28.
* Paul McCabe, executive chef, L’Auberge (Del Mar, CA), winner of the Golden Sceptre and Golden Baccus awards from the Southern California Restaurant Writers and named “rising star of American Cuisine” by the James Beard Foundation, ms Amsterdam, October 20-29.
* Joey Campanaro, chef/owner, The Little Owl (NYC), ms Amsterdam, October 29-November 12.

You may have noticed the list doesn’t include our pal Al, who is also the dean of Food Journalism at the French Culinary Institute and who at last count had won 14 James Beard Foundation awards.

Think somebody missed the boat?

That’s it, we’re done.

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