The City Many Canadians Hate To Love


Vancouver has this reputation among many Canadians. They’re envious or jealous or just plain angry about their western countrymen. It starts with the weather the far-westerners enjoy when the rest of the country is in a deep freeze.

And now this.

There will be cruise ships in Vancouver in December.

This will be the latest sighting of a cruise ship in Vancouver waters that never turn to ice. It will happen eight months from now, when the Ruby Princess sails under the Lions Gate Vancouver-portBridge and docks at Canada Place on the third day of the month, completing a 3-day non-port cruise from Los Angeles.

The ship will sail out of Vancouver 12 days later and, since there are no Ruby Princess cruises in between those dates, that can only means it’s going to be refurbished in British Columbia. And that may be why this December sighting may be a rare one.

That will culminate Vancouver’s longest, if not best, cruise season. It began last month with the Grand Princess, currently on its second of two return cruises to Hawaii. That’s a new itinerary for passengers who board ships in Vancouver, known mostly as a port stop or starting point for Alaska cruises.

Since its introduction of shore power for ships in 2009, Canada Place has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 11,000 tonnes.

This is not just an attractive city (sorry, Eastern Canadians) but also an attractive and efficient port. At the Seatrade Cruise Global Convention a few weeks ago, Vancouver won more awards than any port — Best Turnaround Destination, Most Efficient Port Facilities and Most Efficient Terminal Operation.

It’s expected that 800,000 cruise passengers will experience that this year in Vancouver. If first-timers, they’re likely to be impressed.

It usually starts with the weather.

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