Disney Dolls In Demand — Five's Your Limit

Did you know you can only buy five singing Olafs? You don’t know what a singing Olaf is, or why you would want to buy…one…him?

Then you don’t know Frozen.

If Anna is the apple of your eye, no matter how many granddaughters you have, five is mBwt0fnYk5chKKq4-bgv9Jwyour limit. The same goes for Elsa — she’s the other Sparkle Princess. And Sven’s the same, not because he talks.

These are the characters from Frozen, the hit movie from Disney, and it has everything to do with cruising because Disney has cruise ships that Moms and Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas go on and buy these toys. For the grandchildren, you understand.

The demand has been so great (think Cabbage Patch Dolls) that Disney has had to restrict purchases. Imagine…restricting how much Disney anything you m-gZvB3H0TuB1eHPzkG2DQgcan buy! And because Olaf and Anna and friends are so hot, they’ve become an industry for speculators.

Yesterday, we checked ebay. There were 1,692 Olafs available for sale. And 8,058 Elsas and Annas. As a duo, the girls were being offered by one seller for $18.99 and there were 206 “watchers.” Any one for them could have bought the dolls for $19 on the spot but they are watching because they want to see if they can make a buck on sales of their own.

Meanwhile, back at Disney — which also likes to make a buck — the limit on Frozen purchases also applies at all theme parks and Disney Vacation Club locations.

There’s no indication when the Frozen mania will thaw.

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