Who's Responsible For Anything Any More?

Somewhere, a student in 7th grade gets bad marks, and the parents blame the teacher. On some 18th green, a golfer misses a three-foot putt and rants about needing a new putter. A teenager drives drunk, four people are killed and his defense is that he suffers from "affluenza" — a new word that is destined to make its way into dictionaries in place of "poor little rich kids.".

It is truly an age of non-responsibility. 

Here's one from a cruise ship…

A woman becomes intoxicated, falls overboard and sues the cruise line, which happens to be Carnival.

Her lawyers claim the woman was coaxed into excessive drinking with casino coupons from the bartender. Later she fell seven stories, hit a lifeboat and was severely injured. She is seeking punitive damages for "negligence and the intentional infliction of emotional distress."

You be the judge.

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