L.A. — More than a Celebrity Stop

They say it's hard to believe that a city the size of greater Los Angeles (12-plus million) doesn't have an NFL team that calls it home.

It's also hard to believe that a cruise line called "Celebrity" has never had a major presencein the City of Angels and movie stars until now. 

As people who spend a lot of time in California, we sometimes thinks Los Angeles gets a bad rap…or at least a bad break.

There's the "self-imposed" smog. There's the Dodgers, the only team baseball fans love to hate almost as much as the Yankees. There's the traffic congestion of freeways stacked like bunk beds. There's the absence of a pro football team for almost two decades, and counting. There's the presence of too many movie stars who make too much money occupying too much time on our TV screens.

And when the cruise business along the Mexican Riviera dried up, so did much of the traffic using the cruise ports in San Pedro (Long Beach, above) and Los Angeles. But even before that, Celebrity never had any of its ships that did more than stop in as they passed by.

That's about to change.

Celebrity  is dispatching the Century to operate seven cruises next year (even though USA Today reports it's eight) with Los Angeles as the home port. There are six round-trip cruises, not one-offs involving ships that are being re-positioned. They will operate north, as opposed to Mexico (south), turning around in San Francisco, and three of them will cater to beer and wine connoisseurs.

The seventh cruise is to Vancouver, as the Century heads for next summer in Alaska and the following winter in Australia.

Admittedly, it's a temporary home, but isn't that what "celebrities" do?

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