Long Cruise…Short List of Passengers

Not long ago we read about a passenger who went on a "Love Boat" cruise..to 18 countries…on a ship that carries just 710 passengers…for 87 days. This was on a P&O ship, the Adonia, and it prompted us to see what the ship is currently offering in theway of a cruise where so few people are together for so long.

The best (?) one we found is from Southampton to Southampton. In between are 48 ports in 26 countries and almost four months on the ship. Still with 710 passengers.

This is P&O's Asian Grand Adventure and if "Grand" to you means visiting places called Ceuta (that's in Spain), Aqaba (Jordan), Yangon (Burma) and Nha Trang (Vietnam)…well, you're both more erudite and wealthier than we are. For sure, this would be "an experience" and the price for this one starts at $10,229 pounds. Or $15,669.48. Per person.

Now if that sounds like a lot of money, break it down to a per diem. How does $139.91 per-person, per-day sound?

That's hardly outrageous when you think about going from England to Japan and back. Even three and a half months on a ship is okay. It's just the 710-passenger thing…

By the time you get back to Southampton, you'd be like family…and who wants a family that big?

Okay…the Adonia leaves January 7.

Carnival Fascination
5 nights
August 24, 2013
Jacksonville (return): Half  Moon CayNassau
Inside: $229
Cost per day: $44

Photo credit: Trondheim Havn

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