The Ups and Downs of Cruise Ships

Last week, there were countless reports about a young couple who fell (or jumped) from a cruise ship in waters near Australia. In the days that followed, there were no reports that the two people were found, and they were presumed to have drowned.

Every story mentioned they were in a Carnival ship, which is fine, and that Carnival has been "plagued by a series of issues"…or words to that effect, as if the cruise line was somehow responsible because two people disappeared.

On the weekend, two men on a disabled sailboat were rescued in the Atlantic Ocean miles from Bermuda and taken on board a cruise ship that was 35 miles away from the sailboat. The ship diverted from its course to make the night-time rescue and was taking the survivors to its next port, the Azores.

The ship was the Nieuw Amsterdam. It belongs to Holland America, which is owned by the world's biggest cruise corporation. It's called Carnival.

In one case, two people disappear and a cruise ship is implicated, by innuendo. In the other case, two people are rescued at sea. Now be honest…if we hadn't told you, what are the chances you would have even known about the rescue?

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