Carnival corners market on suits


We always thought the only cheap suits in the world are hanging in closets, or on people who like to wear them, but maybe there is some competition in the legal world after all…

* * *

A man from Ireland, where jokes are legendary, sued Carnival because he was "humiliated" by two comedians who included Irish jokes in their routine. Five years ago, John Wolfe and his wife were on P&O's Oriana when the "offensive" jokes were told and he accepted about $2,500 in vouchers when he complained.

On the heels of his successful complaint, Mr. Wolfe sued Carnival (which owns P&O) when it happened again, this time on the Artemis.

The suit was settled by Carnival, out of court…for five figures.

* * *

A P&O (again) passenger who did a Tina Turner impersonation during a talent show on the Pacific Jewel off the coast of Australia is also suing Carnival.

During 50-year-old Kate Strahan's performance, in which she wore a mock leopard-skin dress, one of the judges (British entertainer Rory Healey) said "You may be dressed like a leopard but you're more like a tiger." To which she said: A cougar, you mean." Healey took it one step too far, allegedly, when he replied: "You can 'cougar' me at any time."

Ms Strahan claims she is so stressed that she has been unable to work. She also claims Carnival should pay her $1.025 million.

* * *

The Miami New Times has reported that a man named Kurt Gies is suing Carnival (are you seeing a trend here?) after injuries sustained while participating in the Hairy Chest Contest on the Carnival Legend last year.

Gies is seeking damages for “serious and permanent scarring, disfigurement, and embarrassment,” and says he was treated in the Legend's medical center, which has no record of his being there.

He claims his feet were burned from the ship's deck.

* * *

Really? Really? Really?

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