Carnival Breeze's Three Island trip


The newest ship on the ocean (okay, sea) these days is the Carnival Breeze, currently on its inaugural cruise in Europe, in the Mediterranean en route to Venice. This is the latest in a long line of ships from the world's biggest cruise line and, while it's not necessarily the biggest and the best, the Breeze will have something new to offer.

Like 180 shore excursions.

That's right…180. Actually, according to Carnival, it's "more than" 180. Of the four Carnival has featured, the one that caught our eye was in Dubrovnik, the Croatian city that last week became the Breeze's maiden port of call.

It's called the Three Island Yacht Cruise.

While we're not big island hoppers, having a chance to see Murano and Burano on the same day in Venice last month was a bonus. Both are designed for first-time visitors (our opinion) and when you go to both on the same day — they're about half an hour apart by boat — that means you're not spending more time than you want to in a souvenir haven.

So here's the Three Island Yacht story…

The whole trip is five hours. The islands are called Lokrum, Kolocep and Lopud. They are the Elaphati Islands, now that you ask, and that makes three of us who learned something today. The legend is that Richard the Lion Heart was cast ashore here in the 12th century after surviving a post-Crusades shipwreck. Better him than you.

On Lokrum, you tour a monastery built by the Benedictine monks of that era. You are not required to enlist. On Kolocep, you will be surrounded by 15th-century mansions, olive groves and vineyards. So if you're not into mansions and olives aren't on your diet, you can always just drink wine. On Lopud, you can swim or walk the promenade or taste Croatian delicacies. Who knew Croatians had delicacies?

And if you don't find seeing all of this from a yacht while sipping chilled wine intriguing, you can always go back to the drawing board and read the other "more than" 179 excursions.

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