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I was checking out The Tyee, a BC-based online mag, and noticed an ad in the sidebar for “Hammer Drop. One Product. One Deal. Every Day.” It turns out that Hammer Drop is a product of Home Depot, but is virtually identical to the offbeat one-deal-a-day site and (I think) the originator of the idea, has more interactivity — for instance, a comment board for each product, where insta-reviews and commentary on the product, previous products, your dog, etc. are posted.
I also recently found Jellyfish, which offers a Smack of the Day, a pretty slick Flash-based variant of the deal-a-day concept, modelled on a game show concept. I know, I know, it’s Flash. But it’s one of the first examples of useful flash I’ve seen in a while. The interactivity is cool. Their idea is that the price of the item keeps dropping until enough people have purchased to exhaust the supply. It’s mostly gamer-focused, but cool nonetheless.

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