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Kmac’s Zach

From my pal Kendall M. today:
My son Zach has been playing Lego SW on the Xbox with minimal supervision. The other day I’m watching him play and he is telling me the “names” of the characters. Since he’s never really seen the movies either and can’t read really, he has come up with…
a) White Robot (R2D2)
b) Yellow guy (C3PO)
c) the Girl (Leia)
d) and my favourite… Jungle Guy (Chewie)

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Could I get any more rural Canadian?

It’s snowing in Northwestern Ontario. Like, a metric buttload. So, after being sent home from work because of the potentially-harrowing 35km drive home, I fire up the snowblower. For the second time in 16 hours.
Here’s the side door, after two shovellings:
Three-quarters of the way through snowblowing our driveway-which-goes-on-forever-or-so-it-seems…
…I hear *THUNK* and watch as I send this:
…sailing into the neighbour’s back yard. Thank goodness their house is a goodly distance away; it just bounced off the skeletal frame of their backyard trampoline.

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Dollar Optional

I spent last week in San Francisco, doing a Video Documentary course with DV Workshops.
It was amazing.
Aron Ranen was the instructor, and he is one hell of an instructor. (Aron is an award-winning documentary writer, editor, shooter and producer) The course was six nine-hour days (which were usually longer than that), and it flew by. The coursework covered technical aspects of lighting, camera, shot composition, Final Cut Pro editing, and, of course, the documentary storytelling process.
Anyways, the piece I produced at the end of it was is below:

Dollar Optional: The Hardest Job on the Wharf from Lincoln Dunn on Vimeo.
I loved the process — except for the “finding the story” portion of it. I’m innately introverted in unknown situations, and being put in the space of “finding a story” by approaching people (usually working), and asking if I can do a piece on them = my own personal hell.
All in all, I was pretty happy with the results, though I’d recut the audio (and use a wind sock on the mic) if I had the chance to do it again.

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Naomi is learning how to print….

…..and she did this fine piece of work all by herself today.
I’m so immature.

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Fist Bump

I LOVE this:
I actually wanted to buy a framable version, but alas, the author has no vehicle by which I can — and, apparently, didn’t want to respond to an email sent several weeks ago.

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