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I’ve not spent a lot of effort doing any movie reviews on here, despite the fact that I am a massive movie nut — and a bit of a movie whore. I’ll honestly watch anything — hell, with the magic of, combined with the The Pirate Bay, I really can. *Earth to movie distributors: As soon as you un-DRM these movies, and sell them for less than the physical copy costs — and make them in a format that isn’t just for iPod — I’m sooooo your bitch.
Anyways, I finally got around to watching “Borat” on DVD, and was prepared to be overwhelmed by the biting social commentary of today’s USA.
I didn’t find it.
Bluntly, “Borat” sucks. It’s “Jackass” for those who were too movie-snooty to watch “Jackass.”
How in God’s green earth did this “scripted” film get nominated for best screenplay? I enjoyed watching JA far more than than this mediocre assimilation, with perhaps two or three commentaries on American society. Whoopty-doo — I could have gotten those kind of sentiments from crossing the border into International Falls, MN, with little effort. The rest is silly.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with silly. Heck, I just watched Beerfest (which was pretty funny, BTW). However, this was not the high-handed, biting social commentary that I thought I was going to see. I felt like the disappointment I felt when seeing “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” as well.
(Again, BTW, in that vein, “Fearless” was excellent — Jet Li was fantastic, compared to the disaster that was CTHD.)

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