Is This Thing On?

Grrr…… somebody didn’t tell me to save, and now I have to do this thing AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow, as I was saying, the other adult member of the house, wanted me to write something “NOW”, and as I could possibly be the slowest thinker ever (except of course when it comes to Trivia- then I rule), this probably won’t be the most well thought out piece of literature that I write.
Christmas was good and low key. I worked but didn’t work. I had the service on Sunday, which I finished before Christmas Eve, and spent some days at home with Gareth. We had lots of fun, for the most part, and ate lots of candy…ah my boy takes after me ;-) I was back to work today, and am gearing up for the crazy month of January – an administrative nightmare. February will probably be here before you can say “Put another entry in….”
Well, ta ta until next time :-)

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