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Something that comes with going on cruises of any kind is education. It could be from meeting people of different races, it could be from experiencing geography never before seen, or it could just be a history lesson.

Take the Danube River.

You don’t have to take a river cruise on the Danube to find out that it passes through 10 countries, that you can hear a dozen languages on its banks and that it’s the second-longest river in Europe. You don’t have to be on an Avalon or Viking or Scenic Tours ship to know that it runs through more capital cities (four) than any river in the world, or that all four capitals are on the upper Danube because the lower Danube has always been known for flooding.

You don’t even have to take a river cruise to learn that the Avalon, Viking and Scenic Tours (or other) ships to realize that the Danube begins in the Black Forest and ends in the Black Sea…hmm, shouldn’t it be called the “Black” Danube, or is that where “Black and Blue” originated?

On the other hand, only by going on a Danube River cruise can you enjoy “apfelstrudel” in Durnstein or Polish sausage in Budapest. And surely when these cruises start there’s a little “Black Forest cake” on the menu.

Education, right?

Carnival Glory
7 nights
September 15, 2012
New York (return): Boston, Portland, Saint John, Halifax
Inside $499

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