Tipping on Cruise Ships, Part 2

We’re really not obsessed with this subject but it does warrant another comment, even though yesterday’s blog was all about P&O’s new policy. This time, Carnival’s in the news.

This isn’t a big deal, at least in our world, but some of you may be happy to hear that the maitre d’ on Carnival ships is no longer part of the tipping community. You don’t need to tip the maitre d’…you don’t have to watch videos about tipping the maitre d’…you don’t have to worry about getting an envelope implying that you should tip the maitre d’.

But you still can, of course.

Obviously, Carnival was getting some heat about that implication. Since the people wearing that nameplate and title are happy about the change, Carnival has clearly given them something to feel happy about it.

Like tips.

Carnival Spirit
9 nights
March 2, 2012
San Diego (return) to Cabo San Lucas
Inside $539

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