Case Against Smokers Thickens

Earlier this year, there was yet another independent survey on smoking. Specifically, smoking on cruise ships.

Doing the math was, if nothing else, interesting.

According to the survey, 48% of cruisers want smoking on cruise ships banned. Completely. No smoking on the deck, nor in the stateroom, bar or designated smoking area. Butt out.

According to the survey, another 27% want smokers to be in a designated area. Butt in.

And 14% said smoking should be allowed in cabins. They’re the hard-cores.

The bottom line is the day will come when smoking is banned on cruise ships, or at least some of them. Positioned as pariahs in the western world, smokers are losing their independence…first because reformed smokers have made them that, and increasingly because it is becoming “illegal” to smoke in public places.

But that’s public places in countries. What country is sea?

Grand Princess
14 nights
November 24, 2012
Fort Lauderdale (return): Back-to-back Caribbean
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  1. Archie says:

    My guess would be the ‘country’ is the country the ship is registered in and would then follow those rules. However, I imagine the cruise lines will bend to the wishes of the majority of their passengers surveyed regardless of the registration. As an ex-smoker for longer than I can remember now, I do not enjoy being waited on by a smoker as the odor clings and I choose to avoid outdoor smoking areas on the decks. I can’t choose the habits of the persons next to me in balcony staterooms, but I can appreciate their enjoyment and just pop back into my stateroom until the smoke clears.

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